Japan to bolster support for Asia's shift to LNG for power generation


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Looks good on the surface, but more convoluted as you get into the article. So Japan wants to increase LPG imports for herself, and surrounding nations too, weaning everyone off coal, and halving carbon emissions in the process?

No mention of encouraging renewables anywhere, I see.

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No mention of encouraging renewables anywhere, I see.

Renewables are not able to provide baseload for a grid nor can they be ramped up or down in response to changes in demand. Do you understand how grids work? Energy supplied to the grid must equal energy demand. Wind and solar are not available all day every day, nor are they able to ramp production up or down in response to demand changes during the day. Renewables depend on winds and sunlight and their availability may or may not correspond to the demand for power. When renewables come up short there has to be something else available to make power with or you have blackouts to reduce demand to the power available. Moving that baseload from coal to natural gas is a worthy goal.

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Japan is still financing coal fired plants in other countries like Vietnam.

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