Japan to earmark $100 bil for Asian infrastructure


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I realize Abe wants to increase tension between his country and China, but wouldn't it have been a good idea to promise 98 billion dollars and spend one billion on their 'national' stadium and another billion on displaced, nuclear refugees from Fukushima?

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What borscht just said. I know an International Charity Fund in Totorri that can use the money.

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Ah competition is good. I wonder if japan will be giving discounted interest on these loans. If not theres always the AIIB.

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I would rather see the money go towards more bullet trains, building up the SDF, or rebuilding Fukushima. Playing politics with that much money seems foolish.

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Very interested to know where/who this money is coming from... ?...

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Even more impressive will be how they plan on finding the $100bn.

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On my 5 minute walk to the local station I count at least 4 empty decrepit houses-Japan needs to be helping its own people first before plowing its money abroad.....

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Even more impressive will be how they plan on finding the $100bn

My taxes.

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Wonder how much will be invested into Ishigaki island's infrastructure.

It's about 160 km from Senkakkus, where Japan plans to strategically place anti-ship missles.

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Mr. Abe is planning to spend money like Japan is in 1989.

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Uhh guys this is investment, as in it should turn a profit. Why automatically assume it's just a waste of tax money?

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Japan is stil the worlds's largest creditor, so it has money. I would rather see maglev trains or 100 new helicopter destroyers, than the money being given to foreigners. As for decrepit housing, come to West Virginia and you'll see entire neighborhoods that are vacant and haven't been lived in for decades.

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