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Japan to eliminate tariffs on U.S. wine in trade deal: Nikkei


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Japan is the loudest voice pushing for free trade and open markets and slamming others for being "protectionist." So how come it takes harsh, wrenching pressure from a foreign government to get Japan to remove a tariff on a product whose domestic industry that is tiny and uncompetitive?

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Winning! This is a win-win.

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This is a win for me, definitely!

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Not a big deal. It's 125 yen off a bottle of wine, which is insignificant unless you drink a lot of very cheap wine. And US wines are rather overpriced to begin with these days.

Like Hillclimber said, it's just a bargaining chip for Japan. The Americans can go home and tell their news networks to say they got something, and Japan got some easy credits.

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USA has greatly encouraged global trade with No or very low tariffs while there is little reciprocation globally. This has been the engine of China's miracle growth. US low on saving but big on buying products. Now US seeks some ability to sell in demand products to these nations. If you think Japan has given equal share then look around as it's so rare to see a US made auto but in USA over 25% autos are Japanese cars. And YES they are the most reliable cars in the world but USA makes some good ones too.

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Japan will eliminate the tariffs on U.S. wine within five to seven years after the trade agreement goes into effect, the Nikkei reported without giving its sources.

Why within five to seven years? Why not with immediate effect?

The ripped-off Japanese consumer has waited long enough for reasonably price, high quality, red wine from the USA.

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Not a big deal. Cars , thats a big deal.

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Hi Tara, what is the big deal with cars?

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