Japan to extend oil subsidy program to next spring to curb price hike


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Thinking lowering the 50% tax on fuel might be a better option, rather then using tax money to prop up the companies that profit from selling fuel, free money for them.

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@Cricky agreed mate!

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Most recently, the government decided in early September to extend its subsidy program beyond its deadline at the end of December.

Cutting fuel taxes would set the bad precedent for the LDP of assisting the public directly.

Better to keep up the usual modus operandi of throwing money at Japan Inc. and leaving it up to them if they will let the largess trickle down.

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Smart move by the government, we thank you.

Prices have been steady for the past 2 to 3 months and that is good news for everyone. Thank you.

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@Mark hilarious

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Well they are kind of lowering taxes for fuel by funneling collected fuel tax back to the companies so that they can maintain profits amid increased prices for resources. Keeping our at the pump costs lower saving us from paying more in fuel tax. Sure lowering the tax rate might lower the initial costs but then the prices will rise so will eventually surpass any savings we make from lowering the taxes. Best to pay using current taxes to keep the prices down.

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The Japanese government sometimes makes a lot of mistakes but this is good policy. The entire economy and society runs on affordable oil.

In Canada, one of the largest oil producing countries on the planet, their current government is taxing oil more and more, damaging affordability of all by the very wealthy elite. The average price in Vancouver is 262 yen per litre. Canadians are being taxed into poverty.

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good idea to use our kids money to fund our current lifestyle. Every supplementary budget requires the kids generation to pay it back while we enjoy its fruits now

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Bad move …. Time to kill all this corporate welfare…. Give the money to the masses ….

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so glad I didnt sell my Cx5 turbo diesel, I get around 12-14 km/L city and 16-17km/L hwy.

bought diesel the other day at 124 yen L

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