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Japan to increase investment in Asian infrastructure


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How about investing in your own people getting the people in temp housing from the tsunami 4 years ago to something called a solution?

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@gogogo my point of view is that japanese people are prosperous and rich. They have lots of assets, they are educated, they have access to knowledge, they have culture and they live in a free and democratic country. Free people have responsibility for their own futures. In my opinion these people cannot wait for the government to move on.

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@gogogo my point of view is that japanese people are prosperous and rich. They have lots of assets,** compared to Africa maybe but in the 1st world not so much, Japans wealth to capita is dwindling rapidly, most of it is held by the countries elderly. when they died and the J gov has claimed most of it inheritance taxes there wont be much left for the younger generation and Japan will be considerable poor compared to other 1st world countries.

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I believe that no one is starving in Japan, no child is out of school, no one is totally abandoned, so, it is really noble of Japan to assist, to invest in other countries where there is real poverty, real needs, around the world there are children with no school, people who has not enough food every day. Japanese people has the chance to exercise their compassion, generosity and share a little with those in need.

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It is difficult to believe Japan has noble intentions with this infrastructure project. As the article indicates, this looks like a competition with the China led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), which Japan did not join.

Japan is late to the party and trying to catch up.

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I suspect many of the projects they fund will be targeted to benefit Japanese companies who need the infrastructure to make their investments pay off. These companies want Japanese taxpayers to pay for it rather than fund it themselves just in case things don't work out. The ADB would never approve of investments like this so Japan has to go it alone.

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PM Abe has ignored the needs of the poor and lower middle class Japanese citizens. He squandered billions of yen on bribing countries with foreign aid to get their votes at the UN to help Japan get a permanent membership at the UN Security Council. China's VETO effectively kills the bid, regardless of how many votes Japan gets in the UN General Assembly.

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More roads for more cars that the world really doesn`t need.

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