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Japan to limit financing of overseas coal power plants

By Natsuko FUKUE

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"unambitious"? I would say pathetic. Look what's happening now and get on the right page Japan.

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They need to cut it to zero right now.

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Japan is the leader in COAL financing. They have COAL businesses all over Japan.

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What a load of rubbish, like putting lipstick on a pig. Purely for show as ever.

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"There are developing nations in the world that can only choose coal as an energy source," 

And many developing countries - Kenya, for example, get nearly all of their primary energy from renewable energy.

It's just a case of policy priorities. Until now, Japan has simply favored the established industries of coal and nuclear.

No vision.

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No mention of reducing the prime mover: consumption, driver of the need for energy. On all fronts.

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No mention of reducing the prime mover: consumption, driver of the need for energy. On all fronts.

Why would there be? Consumption is already decreasing. Plus the problem isn't how much energy we are using, it is how much energy we are using from coal (and other high carbon sources). Replace coal and other fossil fuels with renewable sources and you don't need to reduce consumption (at least not as a way of reducing your carbon footprint, which is mainly what this is about).

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With WTH I need my own Nuclear power plant .. well the Sun (or something like it), however when I last looked Japan appear to lack storage cells for Solar power, the arrays were terribly expensive, and inefficient.

Why is everything so expensive and out of date in Japan ?

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The J government should hang its head in shame and the world should demand Japan change its ways regarding coal, fukushima and whales.

If not then boycott Japanese products

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By financing coal, Japan could look to itself every time a huge storm/hurricane pounds the islands. If you're not consciously taking action to curve fossil fuel dependency then you are the problem contributing to climate change.

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