Japan to make plastic recycling mandatory for large corporate users


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China isn't taking the plastic anymore, in Japan processing it?

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Amid the pandemic outbreak, there’re many plastic trays used for “bento” increasing. Also Pet bottle has been very useful material for using as drinking and cloths. Other plastic materials are also easy to use for life

The micro plastics pollution has one of the top priority issues for improvement in the world.

Japan is not advanced country in the recycling or ecology I think.

So it’s great to make the recycling process mandatory to large cooperate for the first step.

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Bigger companies will simply farm the work out to smaller ones.

Trebles all around!

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Can't understand this double moral... you cannot dump plastics but you can flush tons of radioactive water into the ocean.

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A smart yet desirable move. Plastics wastes are getting more awesome, a growing big threat to the environment. No procrastination, go on..

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I hope this measure doesn't end up like the price on plastic bags from the convinience stores and supermarkets, at the end people just bought the bags separately and apparently the plastic waste did not actually decreased as they planned.

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Can't understand this double moral... you cannot dump plastics but you can flush tons of radioactive water into the ocean.

Not an honest statement. The only isotope proposed to be released into the ocean from all that Fukushima cooling water is tritium. Nuclear reactors all around the world do this now as a matter of routine as did Fukushima before the quake. All the other radioactive material is removed from the cooling water. The waste water will be highly diluted with sea water before release and be released over a period of many years. Not that much different than when the reactor was operating really.

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It would help if you don't use so much damn plastic in the first place.

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Some municipalities still do not have a system to collect plastic packaging waste, such as food trays and bottles,

Is that true? Back in 1995, I remember there was a strict gomi collection system where I lived, and there was generally a place for all plastic waste. (Whether it was ever recycled, I can't say.)

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