Japan to provide grants to encourage hiring of Ukrainian evacuees


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Loads of jobs in Japan for waiting staff, cleaners,bento factories- happy days!

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The Ukrainlan are retreating in the Donbas area,with mounting losses and support from Zelensky

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socrateosToday  10:01 pm JST

I welcome anything that supports Ukraine.

Unemployed, underemployed Japanese people would welcome anything which supports them, I'm sure they are feeling extremely supportive of this initiative. /s

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I welcome anything that supports Ukraine.

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Great idea, subsidize employers to give jobs to Ukrainians with no language ability before Japanese people.

I can't think of many jobs they will be able to do. Maybe they should be studying Russian ready for their return?

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I would imagine that using the money from grants to put forward a system to specially support employment of foreign refugees or evacuees would be much more productive, but I guess the purpose is just to spend money one single time instead of making a commitment for the future.

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They will also be included in another employment subsidies system paid to firms that, in principal, hire for three months individuals unable to get stable work, such as the long-term underemployed and those not in work, education or training. The grants to businesses will be 120,000 yen per employee also for a maximum of three months.

More pork for the trickle down gig work economy. Because Japan has such a sterling record with its foreign worker programs, surely there will be no abuses and the monies will no be going directly into the bosses' pockets, do not pass go.

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