Japan to seek ILO support in firms' human rights risk management


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Kishida has placed increased emphasis on human rights issues 


Japan to delay launch of children's agency to FY2023 or later

Nov. 21  06:16 am JST  

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the Japanese government is expected to provide funding to the ILO

yup.... throw money at it, so much simpler than changing one's mindset

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the government will contract private firms for research 

I wonder which private firms.... (^_-)

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Human rights protected in and outside Japan by ‘specially trained staff’ ?

Where are the laws with legal penalties?


Japanese sham comedic urgings….

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Under the plan, the Japanese government is expected to provide funding to the ILO, which will dispatch experts in international labor laws to companies with business operations in Asia and assist them in creating human rights due diligence systems with external oversight

Japan try to provide oversight for human right for their companies with business abroad, ever see inside Japan?

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At the same time, the government will contract private firms for research on existing guidelines abroad on human rights due diligence, the sources said.

Some 800 million yen ($7 million) is expected to be earmarked for the plan in a to-be-compiled supplementary budget for the current fiscal year through next March, the sources added.

Sounds like a job for the Dentsu pork train masquerading as economic recovery stimulus and "human rights". Which, ironically, like so many other Japanese firms, has come under criticism for having its staff worked to death.

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Wasn't the point of global regulatory changes to free up the movement of global capital and allow transnational corporations to roam the planet looking for the least regulated and protected labour and environmental conditions, so they could maximize profit through means of exploitation and appropriation?

As late capitalism nears its end, seemingly no longer able to manage its contradictions, we see the political and corporate Kishida type Kabuki dancing in an attempt to mask the fundamental inequities of the system, rather than proposing real structural change.

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Laughable when Japan brings up human rights issues when they were one of the worst offenders in the history of mankind.

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The supply chain start here in Japan EG. M3 have female workers paid less then males doing the same work and same shift. That is against International Labor Laws last time I check male and female are to be paid and treated equal. Plus other work practices in Japan go against International Labor Laws. I these experts address these problems first

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The rule of law and regulatory authority when Constitutional officer shall cite civil liberties has the greatest bearing on human rights in my experience. The Association of South East Asian Nations admits to the rule of law and legal authority of each state for import regulations in mutual affect on the supply chain for export goods. Therefore, the mutual relationship of Constitutional rule of law equitable defense for workers needs performance measures that can act on worker work life balance and work environment regulatory, or rule compliance.

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Many of the programmes masquerading as internships or OJT/ study work are really very low wage or slave labour, with the certificates awarded after two years of 'study' being absolutely worthless anywhere in the world. The sex industry is one of the worst, with indentured staff working off their fees and other expenses.

Employees who have managed to escape some of the worst employers and seek help as usually returned by the authorities to the same employer!

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This is part of the crackdown on Chinese supply chains, but might backfire. The ILO may well have a file on Japan - Karoshi, the abuse of migrant labourers, gender inequality etc.

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I’d like to generalize it some more. Like the other G7 or G20 already, they now too start to only care about anything else on the globe but do almost nothing to prevent first own country and own population from all those bad situations. That is maybe currently nice for a few selected people anywhere, but will lead in sum into catastrophic circumstances for all, here and there.

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