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Japan Tobacco buys Russia's fourth-largest cigarette maker

By Behrouz Mehri

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What a joke ! What is the government going to invest in next, asbestos mines?

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Russia has cancer rates far higher than most other developed societies. One reason is the prevalence of cigarette smoking. JT (and by extension the Japanese government) is keen to profit off this situation and send more people to their graves.

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Risky move investing in Russia.  They already too Hoppo Ryodo away.  JT is in the tobacco business so it invests in that business - I don't get the outrage on here that it should be doing so.  As for the J government shareholding, so what?  would you rather it invested in arms companies?  booze companies?  whaling ships?  childcare?  healthcare?

Oh, wait, those last two are actually good.

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More like 'demonstrates our commitment to' increase lung cancer rates all over the world.

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@ cracaphat

The trend towards smoking less will never take foot wholly in Japan.Not with the govt, big business and the medical field making so much money from people smoking

What has a trend towards smoking less to do with government, big business and the medical field?


Look at these figures and absorb that the biggest stake of the global tobacco biz is owned by American and British companies with Japan Tobacco as a mediocre player and the smallest three being Indian, Indonesian and Korean.

The trend towards smoking less is not in all developed nation taking place and figures show that in some countries the habit is increasing again.

It may be so that Japan Tobacco buys a firm in a transition country but firms from countries like the US and the UK, where you've the loudest barking against smoking make the highest profits in developed and development countries. Sounds pretty hypocrite isn't it? :)

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A lot of high and might types around here. I guess prohabiti and taxing poor people are good things right? Nicotine is an amazing appetite suppressant,and in a safer delivery system like iQOS, you can probably live healthier than if you didn't smoke and were overweight.

Look up NASH, non alcohol sclerosis of the liver. We are replacing one vice with another. Tobacco with food.

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