Japan Tobacco Inc's “heat-not-burn” tobacco devices Photo: REUTERS file

Japan Tobacco halves price of reduced-risk cigarette starter kit


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So now we'll only get half the cancer? Thank you Japan Tobacco, I'll have three please!

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Micro USB? Outdated, move to USB-C and maybe people would be interested.

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The government needs to ditch ALL of its stake in JT.

It is a massive conflict of interest.

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Reduced risk? What a classic statement! What this really means is, they still contain the same carcinogens as normal cigarettes, just not in the same concentrations and they are quicker to smoke. One of my friends smokes these silly things and I asked him to show me the cigarettes. The filters are strands of plastic and the tobacco looks like chunky pieces of bark.

in order to call them ‘reduced risk’ cigarettes they must first have scale of risk factors. Some smokers will smoke 40 a day and live to a ripe old age (Kieth Richards) and others will smoke a few in their teens and die of smoking related cancer in their 30’s.

The sale of all tobacco products should be banned worldwide. Many countries have tried to reduce smoking by putting ridiculous taxes on a pack in an attempt to make them unaffordable. However, this has only resulted in a very minor percentage decrease in smokers and has forced hardship on those who do smoke them. However, if their sane was banned outright it would solve the problem. Japan Tobacco and Philip Morris and all the other tobacco companies should be run out of business and their net worth should be used to pay the health care bills of the people they have poisoned.

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Perhaps they can lobby for tobacco free restaurants? I do not want to sit next to anyone sucking in garbage and making me breath it in.

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The worrying thing about e-cigarettes is that they kill quicker.

Sure they're supposed to be better for you than the burning type, but Cancer from Smoking took hold over many years, death from e-cigarettes happens within a few months of starting.... I wonder why this fact isn't being discussed more.

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