Japan Tobacco to buy U.S. e-cigarette maker


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Bad idea. But getting the mindless masses to follow a fashion seems to be the Japanese way to cultural identity. Sort of like AKB48 - too cool to figure out, but the baffled brains still follow the lemmings into the sea.

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Don't they know e-cigarettes are already in decline. US Health industry is warning that e-cigs could be worse than regular cigs. Another example of Japanese company failing to do due-diligence and wasting money. At worst Japan Tobacco will have multi million class action lawsuit from damages from e-cigs. How stupid!!

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E-cigs from my personal and non-second hand experience are better than smokes. I used to be a heavy smoker and i've been clean from those stinking death sticks for over 1 year.

I vape with my Halo Triton kit. Lungs have cleared up, health checks fine, can run for km at a time with no pain, and smell like tic-tacs. In my eyes you can't sit there reading articles about how bad these things are until you actually experiment on them. I use them and I am feeling better than I ever have.

Ingredients? Water, nicotine, vegetable glycerin. No burning and about as harmless as a air humidifier.

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CoconutE3. Just like the sugar council says that Splenda gives cancer.

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I can't tell the difference between this government owned company, and an alleyway crack dealer.

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CoconutE3May. 02, 2015 - 10:38PM JST

Thank you for your excellent post.

Is Japan Tobacco a government owned entity? Amazed how they are still promoting cancer causing e-cigarette to public. The study has already suggested e-cigarette is bad to our health as well .. I am condemning a business strategy of Japan Tobacco. They will be killing many innocent consumers. Where is a conscience? Where is a morale? My state is promoting Quit Smoking campaign on air and it has been very successful. That is a right thing to do. My friends are getting free Quit Smoking patches.

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Sense. Really? One sells legal products and advertises, the other doesn't. good enough?

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The e-cigarette manufacturers have been heavily marketing their products to kids with all these "fruit-flavored" nicotine products. "Hey kids! Get ALL of the nicotine addiction we want you to develop with none of the tar that used to clog your lungs! And to top it off, it now comes in BERRY and PEACH FLAVORS! Ask your mom and dad for some TODAY!"

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