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Japan toy sales top ¥1 tril for 1st time, led by foreign tourists


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Since that plastic toys is made up many tons of plastic part, obviously is not made in Japan. Most likely made in China, so China make some money of it.

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Too bad it isn't due to more kids. Quite the opposite.

This is due to the fact that millions of grown Japanese men still play with toys.

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You don't think that's the case in other countries?

Those tourists who buy these toys are also mostly adults

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What are you trying to say?

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I guess that from all the different things people could be spending money for recreation toys are still a positive one, at least they are not so easily related to negative behavior as other form of entertaiment.

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This is one of many reasons why Japan can't escape China. I personally know the biggest geeks and consumers of Japanese toys are from China. Of course, most of the Japanese toys factories are also in China as well.

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These are mostly bought by kids ages 10-25, Japanese and travellers. Why would that bother anyone? Hello Kitty is as popular now as ever, with children, teens, and adults into their "golden years". No harm no foul.

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What's with all the silly talk about China here? Plastic toy parts can literally be made anywhere, so whoever makes them can only earn a slim profit at best. The bulk of the profit goes to the marketers who own the rights.

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I am thinking exactly the same thing

Glad you brought it up

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