JETRO criticizes Thai gov't for lack of info over floods


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this is rich coming from the not too transparent j-govt.

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Could easily be re-written as: THAITRADE criticizes Japan gov't for lack of info over nuclear meltdown!

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Note to jetro, J-companies shudnt just make tvs & radios, they shud train Japanese companies on how to use such devices.............imbeciles

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lol lol lol!!!!!


Fukushima anyone!!!

this people in this country have B^(%^LS!!!

oh my oh my!!!


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The powerful Master presses, from an arrogant posture, Japan's economic 'colony' ( Thailand ) in S.E. Asia. Under the impacts of an unprecedented & ongoing natural disaster, even an advanced nation like Japan, could face very chaotic organization issues ( vivid examples as recent as a few months ago in Japan ! ) sorry, this attitude is simply unacceptable especially when the Thais are doing their utmost to save its population from widespread floods ! This is exactly the difficult time when Thailand needs respects for effort & emergency help from other countries but not be scolded on by a gang of arrogant Japanese bureaucrats who are losing patience when their usual favorite bars & karaokes in Bangkok are closed due to prolonged floods !

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Japan gov't: Hundreds of factories?!?! Nooooo! OUTRAGE!

Thai gov't: Sorry for the late reply. We are a little concerned about a bunch of people getting hurt.

Japan gov't: people....ehhh hope they get better, mumble, mumble..... now back to the factories. OUTRAGE!

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what about "Himawari" stopped functioning? Japan meteorological agency should extended its services worldwide.

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Wow l guess the thai's have taken the Japanese approach to disaster management. Pot meet kettle

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amused to see this Japanese "criticism" reported here,

because there seems to be no such report in the Japanese media.

why the difference?

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Pot this is Kettle...

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This is an amazing statement from JETRO. They do nothing to help anyone and expect Thailand to report to them.

If JETRO had bothered to note how many rain forest trees have been cut over the years across Thailand, they could see this would happen anyway.

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Sherman; This is an amazing statement from JETRO. They do nothing to help anyone and expect Thailand to report to them.

the truth is the Japanese media has been referring a lot to the question of how to help the Thai people under the current situation, while none has reported this JETRO "criticism" as far as I know.

probably this is a story designed for gaijin readers.

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not to say but i totally agree with jetro , i watch the thai news the other day and seem like the king isn't that please with the way this gov is working cause they are too slow , so it seems like the king build up his own rescue team to help his citizen.

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Thailand is only one country that got hit hard by these floods, Vietnam, Laos etc..also hard hit, what will JETRO say??

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El ,d o they have large factories in this country? If not, who cares??

Yes, like the rest of you, laughing at this!

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Thousands of Thai citizens and business interests in Japan have been exposed to heavy concentrations of radioactive particles about which the Japanese government is still lying. Why in the bl*dy hll isn't JETRO concerned about that?

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Is there any Information in on The United Nations in Thailand, Are they in Operation for Safety.........

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"They received warnings but not enough information or time to decide their next step."

Now, let's see. How many Japanese does it take to decide a next step? Hmmmm, let's gather a committee to determine an accurate way to phrase the question which will be sent to one of many departments of redundancy departments so we can consider further action at a later date.

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Excellent Status they know better the weather Beau. Was on hand all the Time and know.....

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Thailand run by king phumipo's advisors, military, and people work in the palace. King's Phumipol and his family are very active in politic and very very brutal. Fraudulent election, Fraudulent democracy, and etc..........

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i would ask again.

Japanese media has been reporting a lot about how to help the Thai people under the current situation, while NONE has reported this "criticism" as far as I know.

is this a story designed specifically for gaijin readers ?

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Lisa I thank you for puting light on Thailand Government I really didn'know the UN in Bangkok....... CAll on them if you need safeguard the UN........James

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Add to that Lisa that if you make negative comments about the King and his family, you end up on trial - such as the British man who criticized the King and was arrested for it. I don't get why so many people have the devotion they have to this family. He hasn't done much for them.

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Like the pot calling the kettle black,,,,,

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Anyone wants to know the truth please read --------


ANDREW MACGREGOR MARSHALL WEBSITE------- andrew has to quit his job of sixteen years with Reuters to reveal the TRUTH OF THAILAND

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This is a serious issue as Thailand seems to be a country that has quite a few natural disasters. Hopefully they can learn from past mistakes and create a better warning system. Although I do agree with other posters that the Japanese government isn't much better off when it comes to these types of events.

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Still in the news here. Perhaps they want to focus on it rather than Fukushima???

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