U.S.-Japan deal could lead to more organic options


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The US will send their MONSANTO produce and we will send our FUKUSHIMA produce, sounds fair! And they will all be labeled ORGANIC!!

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The US will send their MONSANTO produce and we will send our FUKUSHIMA produce, sounds fair! And they will all be labeled ORGANIC!!

And you know this based on what based fact information and source?

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Yes, but can we have affordable organic food, please. Organic produce back home costs less than the non-organic stuff you find in Japan.

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If Japanese strawberries are swapped for American grapefruit on a ton-per-ton parity basis and both are air-cargo-shipped then the global environmental impact on a carbon imprint basis is a lose-lose outcome for the planet. Of course this fact is casually neglected by trade negotiators whose sole purpose is to support the corporate agricultural interests behind their political masters. If Japan ever opens its market to organic produce from third world non-industrialized nations then ...(well that would never happen).

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Organic costs much more in Japan than in the US. In fact, it should cost less than regular Japanese produce (that's if the Japanese importers don't jack up the prices)

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Even though he was trying to be ironic, I tend to think that SauloJpn has a point about our Monsanto (or the like) going to Japan and radiated Japanese Fukushima produce coming to the States. This is just conjecture, the offering of a personal opinion, but it is a possibility Japan compromised on the two chemicals in exchange for the U.S. accepting "low levels" of radiation in Japanese "organic" produce. That way, in ten or twenty years the agricultural-industrial complex can, by then, rightly claim that people who eat organic produce are, say, five times more likely to be afflicted with cancer.

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You can be sure the prices will be high. The tariffs and import fees, the inspection and testing fees will still apply. Does not matter if it has the seal of approval, once they come into the port the government demands that a portion be taken to an independent government lab to be tested. I speak from experience. Then they take more than what is needed to be tested and charge you thousands of dollars,hundreds of thousands of yen to test it. At least this is what happens to a small company, I do not know about large companies.

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Japanese rice farmers can keep talking about a security issue forever.

This is a great news for US as this includes all organic milk, cheese, yogurt, meat, egg, flour, veggies, fruits and all others.

Hopefully Japanese government does not ask for a Japanese third party (between US producers to Japanese consumers) like they used to do to control some US goods sold in Japan. That's a violation of free trade concept of TPP. US can take over Japanese consumer market. Yey. It is just about time.

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