Japan vows to ramp up efforts to export renewable energy technology


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Japan vows to ramp up efforts to export renewable energy technology

whilst burning coal herself

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Double standards, Japan! Pursuing a dream to export renewable energy, while secretly exporting nuclear technology to India without being assured that they will not use that technology in future nuclear tests!:( That's just extremely unfair for countries who trusts Japan's transparency in these matters!

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In other news Japan is looking to open up 47 new coal plants in the next decade or so. Then there's all the nuke plants they hope to open up. That's obviously a country that has mastered renewable energy technology!

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Why are they exporting it? They should be utilising it!

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just for export, not for home use. Would ruin conglomerates and their brown envelopes

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There is some solar but if there was more, people wouldn't have to pay the debt loads of all the fossil fuel wastes. Can't have that.

Japan can't compete with China who will take over the international market for them. Too bad about that. Japan could have been a world leader if it had tried. But it's Sony approach to everything is a time that's past

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It's just a dream. The only company manufacturing renewables in Japan is MHI with wind turbines (I think) and they are very small potatoes in the market.

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I get that ticked off that Japan is willing to make a buck on renewable energy technology but is unwilling to use it for itself in quantities that matter!

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Japanese companies have huge renewable energy opportunities available in India which they can utilise to their advantage .

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Japanese companies have huge renewable energy opportunities available in India 

Agree, mass export the renewable and portable toilets to India. The country badly needs it.

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Another example of Japan's self-image falling far short of the reality. In the leadup to Fukushima, Japan had one of the lowest dependency rates for renewables among OECD countries.

In Bangkok I've been seeing people riding Segways and in Vietnam fully electric scooters for the last 15 years or so. Asians should be telling the Japanese about alternative energy options, not the other way round.

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Kishida san, living in the past is not good.

The horse left the barn a long time ago.

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Too late and too little. Abe foreign policy killed Japanese economy. Technology changes too rapidly, if you missed the market, then you lost your investment. The business cycle is no longer business as usual.

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