Japan's wholesale prices up 8.5% in Dec; 2nd highest jump on record


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Wow, really! Like nobody noticed that everything at supermarkets, homecenters are getting more expensive or the size is shrinking. But still we are told Japan is experiencing deflation. Because they don't count these volatile goods in their calculations! Hey Kishida, how about more urging for companies to raise wages 2% so will only be 7% short when paying for these daily goods!

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MarkX, right and full agree!

I strongly assume the pay-check will be the same or even less for the time being.

Sooner or later just one job won't be enough to feed the family.

But they, those "upper ones" don't care.

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The BOJ data also showed wholesale prices gained 4.8 percent in 2021

At least for this data the government don't play around with actual data,

so how many percentage that people salary increase in 2021?

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Meanwhile wages are still flat so the typical Japanese becomes poorer. It's not looking good for Japan at all, and recent news have suggested that a lot of the rich are shifting their assets overseas now to escape the sinking boat.

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Fear not...the minimum wage will be increased by a further 3 yen/hour after next year negotiations...why dont the peasants eat cake , LDP wonders.

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The yen's weakness is also boosting import prices, a headache for resource-poor Japan.


I remember when the yen was a lot weaker and so do a lot of the older Japanese and I also remember that time when the people here were a lot richer too

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Inflation invites a rise in interest rates, but can the government permit that with how much debt it issues every year? I think we are in uncharted territory here, a death spiral.

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Bad news.

Hope Kishida can fix this next year via stimulus and wage hike.

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And to think all that huffing and puffing about a 3% pay increase, won't even cause a dent even if it gets approved (which it won't). I shall be expecting a minimum 5% pay increase from my company come April or trouble will be brewing.

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It seems that inflation is happening world-wide, and not just in one or two countries. Why?

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It’s never too late to turn it all around but it takes the ‘will’ from all quarters which is sadly lacking in Japan

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Meanwhile the salaries are same as 30 years ago, and living expenses are becoming a more increasing burden.

But hey, those over rich oiajis from LDP really don't care about those minor details...

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