Japanese 100-yen shop slapped with fine, 2-year import ban in Taiwan


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Well done Taiwan.

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Endless corruption, endless fraud.

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Japanese are really on a roll with the fraud and corruption. it looks like the honest hard working Japanese image is just a facade. But then again what would you expect from a society where the mafia has their fingers in so many pies.

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Remember, its not wrong or immoral until the moment you get caught.

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Daiso was fined 1 million dollars in Australia for importing dangerous and unsafe children's toys as well as guns that shoot projectiles. Sounds like their legal department doesn't read the local rules very well.

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I have had some experiences with Taiwanese customs, and they can be pretty erratic themselves. Not saying Daiso didn't do something corrupt, but the accusers are not terribly clean themselves.

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Selling possibly irradiated food products and then misrepresenting the origin of said goods?

Daiso s certainly open to a massive suit for damages....

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I prefer Seria for my hyaku-yen shopping. The shops are generally smaller than Daiso, and not nearly as many locations. But, in general, the quality of the goods is much higher.

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