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Japanese airline profits jump on tourism surge


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Skymark whre are you now?

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What would be reported also here if news had greater substance is how much public money went in to keeping JAL afloat and how much if any of this has been returned before stockholders benefit from a rosy profit outlook.

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Great to see JAL doing well! I'm really interested in airliners and airlines, especially JAL! How are Skymark doing these days?

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“If oil prices remain low for now, JAL and ANA will likely show sizable profit gains for the next fiscal year.”

As opposed to reducing the fuel surcharge (AKA rip-off charge) to benefit customers.

It's strange how when oil prices go up, fuel surcharges follow pretty quickly. But when oil prices plummet, airline companies take their time. I'm still waiting.

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ANA still impose a fuel surcharge on flights originating from Japan, but not those from elsewhere.

I have a copy of an old ANA web page that states the fuel surcharge will be withdrawn if the price drops below $60 a barrel. Well, it has, but ANA are still charging it. They sneakily moved the goalposts and that's why their profits are so high. They are also packing more seats in their aircraft, now 10 seats across in a 777 and 9 across in a 787.

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Don't know why I got downvoted for saying that I'm interested in airlines and airliners. I guess I'll get downvoted for this too.

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