Japanese airlines report sluggish profits on higher fuel costs

By Toshifumi Kitamura

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Complete B.S.... Japan airlines are the only airline that uses fuel as an excuse to keep flying costs artificially high. Funny thing is every time fuel costs rise they jack up the price of a ticket, but when fuel prices come back down they keep the tickets at the same jacked up price.This has been going on for years.

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I never understood how airlines can do poorly. They have basically a 7 company monopoly on the market with limited competition, they can set their own rates on a whim and are protected by the government with bailout money if they fail. Only a special kind of moron could fail at that.

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Sluggish profits? You've got to be kidding me. It's never enough!

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I fly internationally from Japan 5-6 times a year.

However, I never use any overpriced Japanese national carrier.

Why would I pay double for a comparable airline and journey time?

Certainly it’s not to speak Japanese nor is it to have a last bowl of noodles before setting foot on foreign soil-all that and more can be done on foreign flagged carriers.

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Fuel prices go up; instant whining and complaining by airlines and an instant increase in fares/ fuel surcharge.

Fuel prices go down; barely a whimper by the airlines, and gradual price reduction months afterwards.

Great business model!

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They have never made a profit ever. They are tax payer funded Zombie companies pure and simple.

A lot of legacy airlines are. See: Alitalia, Air France, any Spanish airline.

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Can,t keep on racking record profits year after big deal if the profit is down after a record last year.

Fuel price is volatile , nothing new will go lower again once the market speculators stop using the US / Iran tension as an excuse to drive prices up.

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Yes, how airlines fail to make good money is a mystery.  and true many flag carriers are zombies kept alive by government subsidy.

Yet Emirates and Qatar and Singapore as well as many budget carriers can make good money.  Just poor management.

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They'll be making it back soon with the consecutive Sept long weekends and the ol' reliable Xmas/end of year jacking up of prices.Their crocodile tears are fooling no-one.

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When fuel prices go up these airlines add on a fuel surcharge, so the increase in fuel costs should have no effect on their profits, unless the higher fares reduce the number of passengers.

Maybe they are referring to domestic flights, which do not have fuel surcharges, despite using the exact same fuel.

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I find the Japanese carriers among the most competitively priced for my destinations.

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Sluggish profits ha ha ha

They have never made a profit ever. They are tax payer funded Zombie companies pure and simple. Maybe the JGovmt is cutting back on their welfare payments and they are now crying poor

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