Japanese automakers recall 3 mil vehicles globally over airbag defect


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Upon further checking, it seems the real culprit here is ARC Automotive of Knoxville Tenn., who supplied the faulty inflators. Of course, manufactured in Mexico and China.

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Do Japanese ever get recall notices here in Japan or do they need to contact the dealers directly.

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@jack yes they will send you a letter to the address on your registration paper( masho) if you vehicle is affected. i had one two years ago over a faulty indicator switch which the dealership changed free of charge.

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While gm gets a mere slap on the wrist for its far nore egregious mistakes. Well done, america. Fine play.

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Jack, I had two recalls on my Mitsubishi. The company sent notices and my dealer called me as well.

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I'm surprised the auto industry hasn't started calling these 'continuing-upgrades' as opposed to recalls.

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Wonder if this will affect my 2004 Honda Jazz (Fit)?

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The report does not mention Honda. Japanese company named Takata manufactured, it stated.

GM cars, after people were killed, investigation. Japanese automakers, they recall before somebody get killed. Expensive maybe but that is the way Japanese automakers act. Bowing? Americans are the ones who bow in order to face their counterparts if they are Japanese.

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@fizzbit and overchan, please cite your sources for this make believe. 100% Japanese made parts. I witnessed a bad wreck a few weeks ago when a 2012 Honda Accord rear-ended a stopped Ford Ranger at about 35mph. The Honda's airbags never deployed and the lady smacked hard into the steering wheel. Massive injuries.

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Reuters special investigation into Takata. Of course they only assemble overseas, all parts are Japanese. Your source alludes to but does not admit this. They will never buy outside their Zaibatsu or anything not made in Japan. These plants only assemble using cheap non-union labor and faulty Japanese parts coming out of crates from Japan. 25 years of hiding and lying. Pierced carotid arteries and eyeballs by their Japanese airbags. Compare the quality of these sources. I would never accept a ride in a Honda.

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I read the article wrong ilbonjo. Please forget my above link, it's talking about potential sources OTHER than Takata.

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How about a list of makes, models, and years affected?

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I suggest you read the article you posted since it mentions alot of US factories and does not once mention that all components are made in Japan nor does it mention whether the employees are union worker or not in which I do not see how that have to do if they are skilled or not which is a complete different story.

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@samurai...see the other story here about all Takata airbags made in Japan now being disconnected with a yellow sticker applied saying to sit in the back seat. You still feel safer sitting behind a dangerous Takata Japanese air bag than an AutoLiv or a TRW???? 25 years of criminal investigations into Takata starting with the cheap plastic seatbelt latches that broke and allowed occupants to launch forward with out seatbelt protection. And now 15 Years of hiding unsafe airbags? If I ever had a Takata seat-belt or airbag I would unbolt it immediately and buy a competitors product.

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