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Japanese business mood improves despite gloomy data


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This tells us nothing about the potential impact for the Japanese economy unless we know if this planned capital investment is local or overseas. The condition of Japan Inc. no longer mirrors the national economic outlook.

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There it is folks - the trickle down economy at work

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I had a couple of beers last night but this morning the happy feeling had faded....

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What does mean for the man & woman on the street???

NOTHING!!! As usual.

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The Japanese companies made record profits in the most recent year partly due to a weaker yen that fattened earnings of big exporters. Many of the companies will get a bigger profit growth in the year ahead.

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@warispeace Good point. Health of the real economy and the money spinning activities of Japan Inc are separate and unrelated issues

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The story above this one says "Sharp is in selective default", the story below says "Sony shares slide 8.2%".

Should my mood be improving?

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Compare Japan with other more robust economies (eg Texas) - does Japanese math differ from the rest of the world? Why the Japanese companies are feeling "upbeat" is beyond me...

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Why the Japanese companies are feeling "upbeat" is beyond me...

LoL. . . Just the typical "gyanbaro" attitude taught here. Sometimes shallow, sometimes not. Beyond most of us I guess-

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Japan already has higher TFP in many industries, and that is causing deflation. The whole concept of Abenomics is to recover Japanese economy by getting out from the deflation state, and so things like the deregulation and privatization, both the factors for deflation, should be halted until we are sure that Japan's economy is in the healthy inflation state.

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we're winning... we're winning....!

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