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Japanese companies cut spending by record


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Japan business federation/Nikkei 225,must come up with new ideas and projecst to overcome woes in japan companies.

Nikkei's at 9,000-10,000 pts is not good enough. Japan companies must work in unity to overcome woes. Research and developments spending should increase even if other spendings cut.

The constant learning via innovation and constant products improvements, is the way forward for japan companies/Japan business federation improvements.

The future is in research and development in all fields even in economic plans for progress.

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Like its Asian neighbors, Japan’s heavy reliance on exports proved devastating over the past six months.

Unlike its Asian neighbors....rest of the contents seem fairly true. GDP figures for Apr-June will boost LDP rather than working-poor.

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I wish they would stop cutting, as I have been directly affected by cuts by one of my employers. YAMETE KURE!

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"Japan's heavy reliance on exports proved devastating"

Didn't Japan have a trade deficit this past year? Meaning Japan imported more than exported?

All these spending cutbacks have adversely affected my neighborhood. My neighborhood is now so poor, the rainbow is in black and white.

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Once upon a time a counttry was number 2, and out of a sudden it became number 3, then number 4, and number 5.

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Japan may be no.4 in future,but it is not bad for small size nation of 378,000 square.

China and India is going ahead only now,also remember the size of their lands and population in comparison to japan.

Japan could be still no.2,if there was no Suzuki Maruti,Panasonic China and many other JVs.

USA could still the best in olympics,if beijing did not host 2008 games.

This is not right thing to do in global world, China and India gains is due their own work and the potential that was there, in the last 10 years. Godess of fortune does not remain in one place.

British empire was no.1, but their opulence is gone,they are now at position 6 after loss of Indian colony.

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Well, we have to go through, worldwide. And when it comes to No.1 in the world... China and India build their power on millions of ants working under really poor circumstances. Of course they gain, if everywhere in the world production is outsourced to these cheap countries...

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Keeping in view present economy situation Aso san must sit tgether with his partners and think what to do to control situation and boost production ad sales to over come present scenario. Cheers

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