Contractors Shimizu, Kajima to start reopening construction sites


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I am guessing that if you asked the workers (those most impacted both positively and negatively) if they want to get back to work they would probably say yes.

I worked construction to help get through college and if the job box morning briefings and safety meetings are done properly this could probably work. A lot of the work (not all) can be done at a distance from each other. It would require someone to manage that part of it but if they can then it would be a good thing.

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the companies need to provide protective gear for every employees on the job,and some social distancing rules, i know construction site sometimes are hectic but they can go back to business as usual attitude , especially the upper management who is seating in the private office.

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Shimizu decided on the move "from a viewpoint of providing job security in the construction industry and maintaining economic activities,"

It's a shame that the government hasn't provided this job security.

with the company saying it will ensure that all workers wear masks and have their body temperatures checked upon entering the sites.

Which is about as effective as sniffing someones armpits to check if they have cancer.

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So while working all day, no social distancing, but for the 30-60 minutes worth of break time, THAT will help flatten the curve?

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