Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten halts whale meat sales


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Good move!

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Hope more people do positive things like this. Unfortunately, this was kinda forced on them.

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They might have told them, but there are still over 60,000 hits for くじら on Rakuten.くじら&x=-889&y=-85

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It says sales of whale meat will end on 4/30

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This is a first step in the right direction. But, they are still the biggest seller for ivory. They should follow and stop doing those kind of business.

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They might have told them, but there are still over 60,000 hits for くじら on Rakuten.

Some of those hits are for things other than meat, but most of the ones for meat say that the last day to sell it is April 30. You can still buy it from the individual merchants, I imagine, but not through Rakuten.  

It's probably a good move, since what they lose in revenue is made up for by the positive PR from many people.

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"Rakuten said Friday it has told online retailers to stop selling whale meat — which also includes a ban on dolphin meat"

All this and no one will suffer, no one will be injured and no one will miss killing for cuisine. The harvesters can turn to other endeavors and tax support can help them. Funny, reason and rational response don't seems so terribly threatening. Maybe others will learn from Japan's example, why not?

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Once again, classy response Japan.

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A great move to stop selling whale meat !

Now the Elephants are hoping the company does the same with all Ivory products!

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So, if none of the already harvested meat can be sold, what will they do with it? Just throw it out? Regardless of a stop to new harvesting, they should at least put the meat already in the freezer to good use.

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Shame on you Rakuten, way too late...

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That famous whale meat restaurant near Shibuya station is going to have a tough time! Amazing that it survived this long.

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Maybe the whale meat can become compost, like nature intended...

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So, if none of the already harvested meat can be sold, what will they do with it?

Nobody said it can't be sold. It just can't be sold through Rakuten, which, like Amazon, allows merchants to use their website to sell stuff. You can still chow down on Flipper and Moby Dick, if you like.

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"There were no listings for dolphin meat." Dolphin meat can be legally labelled whale in Japan.

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Rakuten said Friday there was no change to its online ivory sales, which are restricted to domestic shoppers.

Do EIA and Rakuten trace the origin of the ivory?

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Great move. Better than the JP government which is going to circumvent the bans anyway.

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Whale meat? They were selling whale and dolphin meat? What now about the illegal ivory sales... who are these people... who is behind this site

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