Japanese firm to mature whisky in space


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"Tune in for next weeks episode of.....pissed in spaaaaaace!"

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It won't affect it one iota, but they'll say it does, and slap 'space whiskey' on the bottles to charge an arm and a leg to those who wouldn't be able to tell the difference between whiskey and turpentine. Put a blindfold on them and tell them they are tasting the regular stuff, then give them the exact same thing but tell them it was 'aged in space' and they'll tell you it tastes different. And then give them water with whiskey flavoring and tell them it's the premium stuff and they'll say they feel drunk. I doubt either way they'll be getting anything different.

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I volunteer to taste test the samples

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Without protection from earths atmosphere it will get bombarded with consistent amounts of radiation. If anything changes in flavor it will only be due to radiation exposure.

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