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Japanese firms cautious about new-graduate hires on unclear virus impact


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Has it crossed any of their minds that if they hired staff when staff are needed - instead as a kind of archaic seasonal ritual - they wouldn't be in this pickle in the first place?

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The age of guaranteed, lifetime employment is OVER!

Neoliberalism, seeded by Koizumi, has finally emerged victorious in Japan after all those years.

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This entire hiring system also illustrates the design and motive of education system to "feed" the major compaies of the so called "educated" and willing all but inexperienced, untrained and often ignorant of social cultural needs and expectations but "useful" and "malleable" youths. That is something many countries of the world expect from their educational system to do for the so called "good" of their society and economy.

However in the fast moving world where technology leads the way and less people are needed to much of the work, not just the hiring system must change but the entire education system must be re-evaluated and changed.

This may be a good time to do just that for Japan. Educationb now has a new paradigm and new alternatiuves. The internet oif things educational has placed the system into a different level with different expectations by those revceiving the education.

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