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Japanese firms less willing to increase graduate intake in FY2020


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In the survey of 112 companies, including Toyota Motor Corp, Sony Corp and Mizuho Financial Group Inc, 21 percent, or 23 firms, said they plan to hire more new graduates, down from 29 percent in fiscal 2019.

Right just keep in mind though, if you dont grab them now, there wont be anyone left to choose from as it is quickly becoming a proverbial sellers market and the appeal for working for one of these corporations is losing it's luster!

Still, many of the companies said at the same time they are keen to increase the number of women and foreign nationals in their workforce, given the country's chronic labor shortage and rapidly aging population.

Of course they are, lower pay, less benefits, not going to be there forever. Damn straight they want to hire women and foreigners, keeps their overhead down!

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Hire the foreigners because they are cheaper hey?

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Even more sluggish business to happen.

I can see that easily with more empty houses everywhere and young persons not having kids. Future employees are hard to find.

With Japan's economy based on ants' ever ready manual will, it will ave to change.

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Why would they hire more when two things are converging right now in Japan. First, Japan's decreasing population is accelerating. And Second, Japan is finally starting to increase individual productivity via better software and streamlined operations. Japan should get rid of the "seishain" category of employment and implement a basic employment method whereby companies can easily hire and fire people. A more merit based system is needed here.... not this antiquated system where you lock in an employee without really seeing first if they're capable or not.

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 "....due to concerns over the economic outlook."

There is never a time when the corporations DON'T say this.

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Major Japanese companies are less willing to recruit new graduates in fiscal 2020 than the current year starting in April, due to concerns over the economic outlook, a Kyodo News survey shows.

First paragraph.....

However, 60 percent of the companies said they are struggling to secure necessary resources, mainly because of Japan's low birthrate and graying society.

Second to last paragraph!

THIS should have been the 2nd paragraph in the story, as THIS tells a story in and of itself! Companies are unwilling to hire or recruit new FULL TIME employees!

They are willing to hire women and foreigners, because they are NOT full time!

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The contradictions are amazing. Companies are suffering labor shortages yet say they won't hire as many graduates, yet are trying very hard to increase their hiring of foreign workers.

It is obvious they want cheaper employees, but there is an old saying: "It is good to save money in business, but you can save yourself right out of business."

There is another old saying: "You get what you pay for." Part time pay and hours well buy you part time work and part time attitudes.

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They're crying about a lack of a domestic workforce, and then turn away graduates?

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The biggest problem the employers have with giving traineeships to foreigners is not the language barrier. It is the cultural barrier. These corporations want empty shell yes-men graduates from Japanese universities (day care centers). They don’t want educated and ambitious foreigners upsetting the ‘wa’.

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However, 60 percent of the companies said they are struggling to secure necessary resources, mainly because of Japan's low birthrate and graying society.

If the economy was not strong, you could have the same low birthrate and the same graying society, and graduates would be begging for jobs.

The obvious way to restore balance is to tank the economy. Raising the consumption tax to 10% is a good first step to do just that.

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What the hell? So spend/ waist your entire youth studying to pass a test to grasp a company job.....then the companies decide to hire "trainees" who can't speak Japanese fluently. Seems a little unfair. Perhaps further lowering company tax and raising other taxes will fix this. Might be time for Japanese workers to pretend to be foreigners then they might get a job.

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Well, good luck for those brave foreigners willing to work on a Japanese company's office.

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Folks, while some companies may be saying they will decrease new recruits I don't think this will affect grads getting job offers as their numbers are dropping every year so they will likely still get offers & take jobs

But yes I agree a lot of issues are still not being addressed & companies looking the other way for the most part hoping they can get by

I don't think it will work well for most in the longer run.

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I wonder, these Japanese companies don't want to increase their hiring of fresh graduates but are also suffering from personnel shortages, always citing their economic outlook. This just means that they're too stingy to hire more workers to maintain profits with less manpower. If this is the case, then where would the new hires find a job? I wonder if they could apply overseas instead?

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