Japanese lap up new vintage of Beaujolais wine


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Organisers of the event in Japan said this year’s edition was particularly fruity owing to good weather before the harvest.

I bet the left over wine in the bath was more fruity afterwards

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wine lovers and beaujolais nouveau in the same sentence, only in japan.

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What a waste. Some people have too much money.

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I hear French live stock also "lap up" surplus Beaujolais wine. LOL

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Beaujolais Nouveau--The yearly scam foisted on naive j-folk

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Beaujolais Nouveau is an early taste of a vintage, usually sampled by sommeliers and wine enthusiasts/investors trying to determine how a particular harvest is going to pan out. The wine is immature and not very enjoyable, but if you know what your are doing you can predict (to some extent) how a bottling will taste at some point in the future.

Some Japanese guy was in France a few decades ago and went to a harvest party and learned of this tradition and thought Japanese would love it. Problem is, you are supposed to spit the immature wine out because it tastes like shyte. He forgot to explain that last part and gullible Japanese are now the largest buyers of noveau in the world. It is gawd awful wine. Why do you drink it? Same reason why you wear a down jacket when it's 20+ degrees in November I guess.

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"Lap up" sounds about right. If there was a dog food of wines, this would be close.

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Well, it certainly isn't worth 2000-3000 yen/botttle, and at that price point I would drink something else. That being said, it's a decent little table wine at 500-800 yen/bottle. It's possible to find it at that price, but usually in January. Gamay ain't bad.

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