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Japanese milk cartons adopting plastic caps amid pandemic


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Great. More plastic.

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Yeah, it just all makes so much sense, most Japanese elderly drink out of the container and share it with strangers...

Seriously, who comes up with this stuff? What a waste.....

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We switched to the plastic lids over here decades ago. The article gives a likely explanation as to why. I never did understand the reasoning. Not sure I do now.

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Any reason we can’t get a picture of one? The COVID-19 is real, what about the pandemic?

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Megmilk Snow Brand Co and Meiji Holdings Co are among major Japanese beverage makers that are moving over to 900-milliliter cartons with screw caps,

Hmmmm. 900 milliliters for the same price of 1000 milliliters? Yep! It MUST be the pandemic.

many products are being “inflationed”, now they have an excuse. So pathetic.

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I noticed it with the Snow Brand "tokuno" (higher fat) milk we use for our coffee. Kinda ticked off about it, as the 1L just lasted the one week between deliveries. 900ml probably won't last the week, and we'll have to resort to either regular milk or that awful "coffee fresh" for the last day.

Plus, more plastic to choke wildlife is not welcome, either.

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First, a nice 11.1% inflation of price bottle. That helps a lot the consumer for something already more costly than Coca-Cola.

Then that silly plastic cap, now becoming really polluting. No reason explained as why relating to Covid-19.

Last, now you can't fold now the empty bottle flat.

The reason for that is 1 to embezzle the sheepish consumer, who will continue to get ripped off, 2 perhaps to be able to export the bottles, as they are sealed better and surely consumption date is further.

Not first time since 900ml gyunyu was existing already some years ago...

What a way to move backward.

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a way to reduce possible infection as consumers no longer need come into contact with the pouring surface when they open the container

Really? So how does one open the caps? With their teeth?

Just more plastic for the oceans.

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@Jonathan Prin

Last, now you can't fold now the empty bottle flat.


I fully agree with the other complaints, but this one really got to me when my wife had to top up our milk a few weeks ago with one of these stupid containers.

We are required to separate plastics from cartons. When I tried that, I had to cut around the plastic cap bottom on the main carton. What an utter waste of my time!

The wife will not be buying that type of carton again. I hope that no one does and they revert to the old type.

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Great, even more plastic waste!

Just a piece of information: drink cartons like those for milk aren't just paper - the drink wouldn't stay fresh very long and the carton would start leaking as well.

They are a hybrid material of paper, plastic and in some cases aluminium which all need to be separated in order to recycle them and as such they can't be just processed along the plain paper. You should check with your local recycling collection if they accept those together with regular cardboard/paper recycling...


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But they allow the milk to last much longer!!!!

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This is how they hide the reality of true inflation. Smaller package, same price. I've seen it here, in Canada, for the past several years. And sadly, almost all of it related to dairy products.

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Again! Another way japan is increasing their use of plastic!!!!

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The U.S. adopted this access design some time ago. It works well. Regarding smaller package design, that has not occurred yet, at least in milk. Candy bars and the U.S. Dollar on the other hand...

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If people washed and sanitised their hands, there would be no reason for changing the tops on the cartons.

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