Japanese package tours to China down 80% for Feb, March


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Good job China for all those rallies and protests. Even your own economy will be affected.. Would like to see how the communist react to this.

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Hansaram : "Good job China for all those rallies and protests.".........................................................................right, and don't forget the air pollution at over 700.

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i seriously doubt china's hurting over tourism drop from a small country like jpn

on the slip side, those ginza shops NEED that chinese coin to keep flowing

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I think Chinese are very resourceful business people, just like Koreans. But Japanese seem to be very inflexible in all aspects of life, specially business. So, I doubt it will hurt Chinese. Looking at the smog I would visit the polluted area. Maybe the southern part, if I knew some Chinese language.

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What a fickle market Japan is!

I think they watch too much TV.

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I'll bet Chinese businesses involved in handling Japanese tourists aren't happy with their government.

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Visiting China is a major gamble health wise so even if this little spat wasn't happening I doubt I'd go to China. If the Chinese government doesn't seem to have a problem killing its own people then that should be a sign to the rest of the world to stay out as well.

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Who would have thought that?!

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Yeah, there's a big surprise. Just the air pollution alone is enough to make you think twice.

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Hmmm, that says a lot about Chinese people as they seem to have gone for it and forgot that China is slowly poisoning them to death in their own cities. A Chinese Hitler could very well happen in today’s China because it would appear that the Chinese as a whole (per capita) still haven’t matured as a collective which is culturally ingrained. This is not racism but fact as you see it every day in Chinese life. Some of those that leave China for places like Canada are the limited ones that have evolved.

You know, you seem to have a rather narcissistic view of Japan's importance if you think that this is going to bring down the Chinese economy. Japan's a declining economic power. A busted flush. China's more interested in South Korean, Taiwanese and Singaporean trade these says, not to mention the rich economic relationships with the USA and the EU. No, China will be just fine.

That said, the Chinese government is really going to need to reel in the mass displays of nationalism. It's a double-edged sword to be wielding; while it may direct people's anger against external enemies, it could well get out of control and turn into generalised mass xenophobia, which really would harm China in the long run. Not to mention that nationalism very often turns against the leaders of that country, as they come to be seen as weak for not satisfying its aggressive urges.

While Japan may not be crippled by a reduction of tourism and trade from Japan, it will be if that starts being directed towards its other customers.

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Sorry, meant to quote this instead:

Good job China for all those rallies and protests. Even your own economy will be affected.. Would like to see how the communist react to this.

Damn tabbing. >.<

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"Japanese package tours to China down 80%"

Yeah, the 20% that are going are the ousted DPJ politicians looking for help from their masters in the PRC.

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i will visit tibet not in Beijing''i' afraid because i'm asthmatic..'' i might die after my tour ''in polluted city''

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It was more than just Japan that saw the violent protests in their nightly news. I had people in a variety of other countries asking me about what was going on. Bad for the Chinese brand all the way around.

Still not nearly as bad for tourism as the recent scenes of the pollution. I've been there on business. Always plan to fly in and out as soon as possible and spend as little time there as possible. I felt Beijing a miserable place. No actual sunshine. I don't know how people can stand never seeing a blue sky. Presumably there are better places to visit within China, but the world is large and my tourism dollars will be spent elsewhere.

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That is why there is now record tourism from Japan to Hawaii even with the falling Yen... and with package tours the money is paid for in Japan so you dont have to even give your airfare and hotel fees to America.. smart.. JTB

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