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Japanese securities firms hope stocks jump in Year of the Rabbit


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securities brokers have started recommending rabbit-related shares to their clients, such as Zensho Holdings Co, which operates the rice bowl restaurant chain Nakau. The restaurant's name includes the kanji character for rabbit.

Is this supposed to be funny?

Any investor who listens to such advice and takes it seriously deserves to part with their money.

The potentially auspicious year comes as the government has recently decided to expand a tax-free stock investment program for households.

An unfunded tax cut, if ever there was one.

People investing in growthier overseas assets will be able to do so to a more tax-free extent, too.

I will need more policy substance than a sign of the zodiac to invest more in Japan.

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As a stock market analyst, I predict Japanese stock value prices to continue as the previous year of 2022, the companies listed on The Nikkei index needs to do better in the global market competitions, or they will continue to lose value like 2022 into 2023.

It is still not very wise to invest in last year's losing companies, we need to give it time to stabilize and at the right moment more confidently buy, but now a hold to sell status would be better in my analyst opinion, but there are hundreds of other analyst in Japan they could help too.

The stock market proverb of Shares Jump hopefully continue to raise stock share values in the year of 2023 like the stock market history.

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