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Japanese TV makers bet on super-HD as World Cup looms


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With a hopeful eye on the approaching World Cup, Japan’s embattled TV makers are hoping the key to their rescue can be found on the second floor of Bic Camera’s downtown Tokyo outlet.

Wishful thinking. A couple of weeks of good sales in Japan is not going to save Sony and Panosonic from the crippling competition it faces overseas. That is old thinking, and what got them into trouble in the first place. Pole 100 Americans as to what company is the leader in HDTV technology, and Samsung will beat Sony hands-down -- probably by 4 to 1 or more.

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I wouldn't bet on it since Sony provides less costing 4K TV then Samsung on the market.

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Good luck to Made in Japan TVs at premium prices. LG and Samsung are moving at rocket pace and low price while Sony and friends are chugging along with their once upon a time brand names. Hard to find a Samsung TV anywhere and a few LG smart TVs (not 4k type) at Costco.

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Weren't they also thinking that , just a short time ago, the switch from analog to digital would save them... ?

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I wouldn't bet on it since Sony provides less costing 4K TV then Samsung on the market.

Samurai -- I would. I said "the leader in HDTV technology". Sony has not had a breaktrough TV in the states in at least a decade.

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Does it do "Super Soap Opera a effect" as well?

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Anyone that wanted a new TV bought it before the sales tax increase.

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I thought that Sony was going to produce a computer TV. TV broadcasting in on the way out. I want a browser, netflix, Hulu (or the Sony equivalent) Android, Linux and apps on my TV, rather than the resolution to see hair follicles.

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Still never understood why TVs are so expensive in Japan.

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I think it's too late for Japan. Conservative thinking, old business practices and inability to change (quickly) simply don't cut it in the new global economy.

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Sony & Panasonic seems like you will NEVER learn!

As soon as higher rez TV programs start to happen your overseas competitors will KILL you on price AGAIN!

moshi moshi??? Anyone home!?!

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It appears that the Japanese have standardized on an extension to the ISDB-T digital television standard to get 4K broadcasts if they intend to broadcast some World Cup games in 4K. Here in the USA, we should finalize the ATSC 3.0 standard probably later this year, which is an extension of the current ATSC standard for HDTV but includes 4K support.

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They are dreaming.... much like they did with 3D TV. It is still way to early for 4K to sell in large numbers. Eventually 4K will eclipse sales in current standards but I believe it will take about 3 to 5 more years for that to happen.

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This is a fine example of digging your own graves. First, their USP is a soon to be outdated technology such as resolution and secondly they go in as a group (panasonic, sony and sharp). So, they will not earn any profit that might even save one of them.

It's a no-win but let's sink together plan.

I'm with timtak here to start making TVs with their own OS's rather than the 4K, 8K or whatever that comes next.

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Both 4K and 8K are much wanted technology at the hospital since it makes it easier for closed surgery in detail.

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Well samuraiblue, Samsung is a few years ahead of Japanese TV manufactures.

This TV is beautiful. (http://www.samsung.com/us/video/tvs/UN78HU9000FXZA)

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It also cost $8,000US. Not worthwhile to debate since most people are not going to fork out that much for a tele.

The Panasonic Hexa Chrome technology looks promising.

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Discounting China and SK, the households in Asia 10 years ago will buy Japanese TVs over Korean by 10 to1. 5 years ago it was 50-50.. Then Abe came along and all overseas Chinese buy Korean or Phillips. Don't take my word for it. Ask the Japanese manufacturers! Of course the price and quality of Korean TVs make the difference too! In my home 50 years ago, the first TV in our home was a Hitachi, then a Sharp, then a Panasonic and then a Sony. Once we changed to a Phillips, we have not bought another Japanese TV again!

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Samurai an old tech sharp, Panasonic or Sony in bic camera set you back that much for a the same size TV, don't make excuse,

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People were already buying more Korean-made TVs before Abe came in. Meaning Sony & its fellow Japanese TV makers were already losing sales more than 5 years ago! What's this obsession on blaming others for their downfall?

Fact: Japanese makers (Consumer Electronic Appliances) could not compete with the Korean makers' price started from around 10 years ago.

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