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Japanese vending machines now sell pandemic goods

By Oona McGee, SoraNews24

From canned ramen to insects and mysterious tales, Japanese vending machines seem to have a sixth sense for knowing what their customers want. Now, during the global pandemic, people want to stay healthy, not just with drinks but with protective gear too, so it only makes sense that there’s a new vending machine here to cater to that very need.

Thought up by drinks giant DyDo, who view their vending machines as “retail outlets”, the new unit looks like an ordinary vending machine, but on close inspection you’ll find the words “Stay Healthy” on the side in Japanese and English, and a couple of new products in amongst their drinks selection.

▼ Can you spot the non-drink items inside?


▼ On the right-hand side in the middle row you’ll find some face masks and a pack of antibacterial wipes.


The masks are sold in a two-pack, while the pack of antibacterial wipes contains ten sheets. Both products will retail for 200 yen each.


DyDo says they decided to sell the new products as concerns surrounding public health has become heightened during the coronavirus pandemic. By providing these highly sought after products through the convenience of a vending machine, customers will be able to purchase them at any time of the day or night, saving them if they ever find themselves in a pinch.

DyDo plans to deploy about 3,000 units nationwide from the end of October, and they also have plans to include more health products in their machines in future. It’s all part of DyDo’s plan to cater to all kinds of customer needs outside of the drinks world.

Source: DyDo Japan  

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Don't know about first or any kind of ranking. What i do know is that I've never seen any vending machines with mask and sterilization wipes in them.

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Japan is so ‘with it’

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On the right-hand side in the middle row you’ll find some face masks and a pack of antibacterial wipes.

Hmmm. Antibacterial, might have been a good time to consider anti-viral wipes too...

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When I first came to Japan, there were vending machines with mini beer kegs and others had Japanese-style porn magazines. Haven't seen any in years (I mean, haven't seen any of those vending machines in years). Still, the Japanese vending machines are so useful - for those who can't walk a few feet farther to the combini on the next streetcorner.

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