Japan's 4th-quarter GDP revised up

By Stanley White

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Headline news and Nikkei are fairly strong and as best as it can be but the fundamentals are unchanged:

Aging & declining population realities steadily coming 3rd arrow is a change in constitution arrow and not an economic & smaller government reform arrow Fiscal stimulus expended now based on 2020 Olympics & military will be low productivity waste unlike in 1964 Increased tension with China runs the risk of sudden huge contraction in foreign tourists & trade relation Government debts continue to balloon Profits & export economy boosted by weak Yen; Trump will not let it continue. It's a tough situation with little resolve to resolve.
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0.2%*5 would be 1% gambatte Abe San stellar job, mean while my spending power shrank 20%. Abenomics like an STD that just won't heal.

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Japan’s economy grew more than earlier estimated in the fourth quarter as capital expenditure grew at its fastest in almost three years, welcome news for policymakers as they begin to discuss how to wind down years of massive stimulus.

Yeah, the folks that have created nearly a generation of easy money, are now going to try to wean the economy off of tax-fueled growth, without dragging it back down. (I suggest it's STILL in the dump)

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I have a solution. Everybody move to Tokyo and have 5 babies.

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Sluggish household spending has kept the country in prolonged deflation and been a key challenge for the BOJ in meeting its 2% price goal via its massive bond buying programme.

And around and around and around we go!!

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