Japan's auto giants to give workers a bonus boost


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meaning? No pay hike by Japanese Auto Giants.

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I hope these are the first effects of a long economic progress.

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It makes sense to have money moving rather than stagnant . We could all do with a bit extra but it may take another year before we see new money in our pockets.

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So the value of the Yen went down 10 to 20 % and SOME workers got 3% rise, sounds fair

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So whose bed is Abe sleeping in tonight? Let me know so I can buy some of their stock.

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35% of the Japanese workforce are on yearly contracts, where they don't get a bonus, so the increase in bonuses, without a pay rise, will mean absolutely nothing to them except less disposable cash because of a rise in the cost of living (weaker Yen) and increased taxation.

Over 50% of people under 35 are on yearly contracts.

The short term result will be more base salary deflation as domestic manufacturers compete for a shrinking domestic market. forget the foreign export hope. It doesn't matter how cheap the Yen gets, the world's consumers are not suddenly going to throw away their Apple I phone or Samasung Galaxy. Another long term result is the continued decline in the birthrate because of a number of factors (less marriage and couples having more than one child)

Abe and his policies are idiotic.

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The yen is below 100, which has never happened before. So the average Japanese has gotten an income boost over the past few years.

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i hope all companies do this. i wouldn't mind getting bigger bonuses this year!

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Other major firms, including Hitachi and Fuji Heavy Industries, have decided to offer employees a pay rise, Japanese media reported.

The pay rises still make the base salary less than they were in 2002, for Hitachi, and 2006, for Fuji, when both companies began implementing pay cuts.

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What was the base salary for Hitachi in 2002 and 2013?

And you guys are amazing. I can't wait to see what negativity you guys can come up with once the news starts rolling in about major Japanese companies posting record profits, deflation finally dies, and the economy grows at +3%...

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Printing money doesn't solve anything and no other nation in history has had a deflationary period like Japan. I believe that Japan has either been putting out fake statistics in order to prevent another bubble or they somehow made their economy static, meaning it doesn't grow or shrink much either way.

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Americans in general haven't had a pay raise since the 1970s and most people I know are working minimum wage jobs regardless of whether they went to college or not.

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It's stupid! After 2011 many Japanese companies have loss.

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Over 50% of people under 35 are on yearly contracts.

Well it was the older (especially over 60) crowd that welcomed the LDP and Abe into power.

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