Japan's factory output down 0.6%


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It affects the average workers, but most companies are doing well. The buildup of operations by Japanese companies in lower-cost nations and closer to major markets has eroded the country’s industrial base, making the economy less responsive to the more-competitive yen. Income generated by the shift is more than making up for a merchandise trade deficit, helping Japan finance the world’s heaviest debt burden.

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That was interesting. Can you describe more about "Income generated by the shift" or do you just mean it's income from an industrial base not in Japan?

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"Fragile recovery"... That's an interesting description for a country where the demographics make economic growth a a memory while financial policy makes the investing elite's dreams come true.

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I dont quite understand what you mean by memory, if you see this msg, can you explicate for me?

I do agree with the latter half of your comment though, them international hedgefunds (70% of the Japanese market) are really going to town. Just wait a month with Yusei going public, play your cards right and hoi polloi like myself even have a chance at making some real coinage XD

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Japan’s factory output fell 0.6% month-on-month in July, worse than market expectations, official data showed on Monday.

Inflation is zero, domestic consumption is weak, factory output is down, just like the GDP last quarter. But, don't worry, the Cabinet Office and the BOJ keep saying that Abenomics is really working -- it is just the average Joe cannot see it, or feel it. Not a pretty picture.

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What I mean is they are now throwing everything they can into the pot to mix a concoction that will grow the economy, but economic growth basically relies on two factors: more people and more energy use and preferably both. If you take a look at the charts for global historical growth of population, energy and GDP you'll find that they match up very well, with exponential growth for a period after the discovery of coal and then cheap oil. Because of a number of factors, globally this has been slowing. In the case of Japan, since the country now has a shrinking population it would have to massively increase it's per capita energy use to compensate, and this is quite unlikely, especially having reached saturation levels of consumption, and facing declining incomes and pressure to curb fossil fuel use.

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@warispeace, Well what do you want japan to do exactly ? immigration is not possible just look at Uk, Germany, they have more crimes plus japan culture is different , they have no option Japanese people don't want kids, the government can do nothing about t

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