Japan's factory output rises 1.4% in October


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Interesting to see the different spin on this at different media outlets. Just read the same story headlined " Japan,s factory output rises less than expected " and the tone of the article was rather less upbeat than the JT version above. Gotta love statistics.

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Japan’s production overall is making “one step forward and one step back,” the ministry said.

Kinda describes the entire Japanese economy the last 30 years or so.

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This is to be expected with a dropping populous, and people not needing to buy things. Sounds normal to me.

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Economic reporting in Japan: Factory output rises (month 1) - Consumer spending falls (month 2) - Factory output rises (month 3) - Consumer spending falls (month 4)... You get the picture. Only similarity between the two being that we're getting nowhere.

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Supply rises according to their figures. Shame demand is falling as nobody has any money or decent secure jobs.

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