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Japan's jobless rate down to 4.3% in June


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Misleading statistics as May and June are the months when all the uni grads take up their life assignments. It is the same every year at this time.

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I hear that, they only include people who are on unemployment insurance ? Therefore, since the UEI only lasts from 3 - 12 months, people who are not on the UEI are not listed on the unemployed and seeking work statistic.

Thus, can it be said that the unemployment rate is actually.. more then 4.3% ?.. Whats more, what percentage of the Japanese workforce is doing part-time work, and is that actually above the subsistence level..

Also, does this statistic actually involve the Tohoku region.. or NEETs.. or those people who have not associated themselves with Hello-work or any other government organization. ..

So, what exactly is the Japanese unemployment rate, or more importantly, unemployment rate for those under 25 of yrs.. in Spain its 53%.. but even their statistical models, are vague.

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^ There's problems with "unemployment" figures in every nation...it's hard to say what Japan's "real" unemployment figure is. If we use the US as an example real unemployment is more than double the reported rate, so perhaps japan is around 10-12%?

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Statistics that come out of governments are always low balled. For example, the reported unemployment in the states is 9% or so, but that excludes the amount of people who have given up for work. The real figure is more like 15 or 20%.

There are LOTS of ways to present statistics about the economy, as the above posters have said.

You know what they say, lies, damned lies, and statistics.

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Also, the pyramid of age must be heavily helping those figures : little youth, heavy senior.

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I do agree with most of the posts. The unemployment rates are statistics. And, as many have heard "Lies, damned lies, and statistics" can sometimes be persuasive and sway opinions.

I think the point of the article is things are looking up -and as a result that is good for Japan.

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That's not easy to get the real rate of unemployment only because sometimes the rate given is greatly exceed to the real rate to influence much more world banks for example sometimes the rate given is put low to show good health of the economy.

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