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Kanebo recalls cosmetics over skin stain fears


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"substance" 4HPB is mentioned on those products and No Brand Names?

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Will the people responsible also be forced to wear bunny ears?

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A skin whitening cream causes white patches? surely not!!!!

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Asiatic ladies all want white skin - Europeans all want a nice summer tan... go figure...

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Its unfortunate they have a similar sounding name to "cannibal". I can imagine the poor office jokes being made.

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Really? Who would have thought putting chemicals on your skin to alter its natural color could have side-effects?! I hope they haven't recalled their "oppai-cream" yet.

waltery, that would be unfortunate if it wasn't for the Japanese habit of mutilating English and making into for example "kannibaru".

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bad karma, that´s the result of their bullying.

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