Japan's SoftBank gets nod for Sprint takeover


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They will probably sell new iPhones.

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That is one gigantic deal..

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Although I'm sure Sprint will benefit from the "SoftBankrolling," I fail to see the benefit to SoftBank. Telecoms isn't exactly a growth industry and the infrastructure spending needed for Sprint to compete with AT&T/Verizon won't see a return for a long time.

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I think the US cellphone market is too crowded as it is. That's why Sprint was for sale in the first place. The Apple boys will do a backroom deal with Verizon or AT&T that will leave Softbank / Sprint with a limited selection of handsets and they will shrivel from the market for sure. Happened here in Canada

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JoshuYaki: "too crowded"? It's the opposite - there's zero competition. In the same geographic area, Europe has over 100 carriers, and far better networks with better deals.

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greenlight: what you aren't considering is that people aren't actively shopping for the right plan. It's all about the right handset and it doesn't matter what the charges are.

Right now the main carriers are charging almost double what the smaller brand companies are but because they have exclusive on the iPhone 4, then now iPhone 5, all the smaller companies have failed and are up for sale.

This was done deliberately by the big companies because they knew they cold re-establish themselves as the exclusive provider.

I wish it was like it is in Europe. That would be great

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That is one gigantic deal.. Personal Branding

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Just like ATT and COX, it will give new subscribers a free cell phone, It will do attractive TV ads than COX's stupid TV ads.

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