Japan's top three insurers see Kumamoto quake payout at Y19 bil


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And I hope they are made to pay out the whole insured values that these ponzy scheme companies. From first hand experience these companies have rules that make it so they pay out so little compared to their premiums and underpinning their reluctance to pay out is that the common persons earth quake insurance is re-insured by the Govt, like in a car accident, they are happy to payout the first amount which is covered by the car registration 3rd party insurance but after that its like getting blood out of a stone.

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They BETTER pay out! I remember some of the despicable ways in which some were cheated out of payments (I believe there was one case in which a house burned down but the insurers, who were supposed to cover fire related incidents, claimed the tsunami started the fire and tsunami were not covered, or some such thing), and I hope that doesn't happen here. These companies take the money people work hard for without complaints, so they should pay out if the need arises likewise.

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...and the gov't lends a blind eye. It's what they need to create a bit of inflation. Invest the money. Tax the income. If you pay out you can't get either. Insurance companies can never go out of business. They just say they can't pay. One of the industries governments protect. Where else do governments get cheap money?

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that's chickenfeed... now the new corporate headquarters buildings will be delayed 2 months,,,

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