Japan's trade deficit narrows 35.5% in October


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this is because production has hit the max level. now they should try to force businesses to bring their wages up.

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let's wait for the current account figures now. this one might be one for the records...

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Good News and Of course exports have picked up and the trade deficit has narrowed, expect more of this over this quarter too. I have been saying things have been improving but those who do not know keep banging the same old broken drum.

Japanese exports jumped nearly 10% last month, as higher shipments of cars, ships and steel helped the trade balance, while imports ticked up 2.7%.

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now they should try to force businesses to bring their wages up.

I for one would love to hear the details of just how you think this should be done.

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"But October oil imports were down 10.8%, partly reflecting lower prices on the world market."

Who wrote that non-sequitor?

Lower oil prices are due to weak demand. Japan imported less oil due to weak domestic demand.

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@Mr Galt I guess that article is saying that oil imports were down in monetary (not volume) terms. And the price of oil is determined by world supply and demand, so even if there were a reduced demand volume in Japan, which is unlikely since production is up and nuclear power is not back on, then it is unlikely that it would make a big dent in oil prices since Japan consumes only 13% of the world's oil.

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Well StormR must be happy today that the yen dropped to over 118 to the dollar. And it's going to continue its ever downward plunge. The economy is an absolute basket case and selling the yen is simply a 1 way bet. Exports may rise somewhat as they get ever cheaper and tourist numbers rise as they come to Japan to pick up cheap bargains, but the rest of the economy, well turn out the lights now.

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umbrella do you know how an economy grows, it does not grow by the same amount of money rolling around it, it grows with fresh new money coming in, tourists bring money that wasn't in the system and drop it here, exports bring funds that weren't in the system these things help grow the economy, they are good for the place, a strong yen only works for those who travel or buy import goods but take money out of this economy.

I am happy you have converted all your trillions of yen into $'s that probably means you will be leaving these shores before too much longer then. Bye !

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Buy massive oil futures now. Lock in cheap oil rate now.

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It's a good sign but I don't think it'll trend. The fluctuation will continue but I hope exports will continue to rise for Japan and they start seriously looking into alternative energy rather than trying to rely on a very publicly unsupported string of Nuclear Power Plants.

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