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Japan's unemployment rate rises, spending falls


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Ahhh...spending falls. When one's national health insurance skyrockets from $30 to $200 per month, one doesn't get out as much.

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A...aaah....aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh....CHOOO!!! I think Japan is about to get very-very sick. The carefree spending habits of Americans have been a boon to Japan. Watch for Toyota to get trumped by low cost rivals and for a tax increase!

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Really ? If you go to Ginza, Shibuya or any other shopping district it's jam packed all the time.The bars in Japan are not suffering !!!! That's a blooming business.

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that's called: "Look at me, Gimme the thumbs up and I want to be sexy/kawaii". All fake shoppers.. I like the 20ish girls who walk by me and pretend to be on the phone and I look back for a peek, and the phone is back down. Anyway... Japan will continue with the US to go down the toilet. My security nets are out.

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meaning... they have no job, hustle like most 20ish and even 30ish and they cant afford a call.

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Spending continues it's free fall and Japan has no-one to blame but themselves. The first thing this petty country needs to do is start buying more American made products. Start with agriculture ! I see no reason for Japan to be buying so much from China. That countries products have proven to be low quality nd full of chemicals and poisons. So why does Japan insist on jeopardizing the publics safety with such crap ? Japan does the same thing with meat products. Banning scientifically safe American beef for example. Japan instead will import pork from Canada. Beef from New zealand. What the hell for ? Just how much impact do these puny nations have on Japans export oriented economy. Wouldn't it be better in the long run for Japan to help the US economy, and in return their own, by doing more balanced business with the Americans ? I'll say the same thing for all those other nations out there that are whining about the American economy. "Hey" you don't like it ? Stop bitchin' and start buyin ! I guarantee Mcdonalds, coca cola, nike, microsoft, and levis aren't the only popular products available from the US of A !

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Well Barfly08, you got a point the world should be helping America to help them selves to get out of this crises. Although the world has been hating America for quite a few years now. And perhaps this is Japans way of saying bugger you guys we're not going to trade with you. But then again there's no way to really solve the problem unless America starts doing better.

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