JETRO opens website to promote Japanese liquor shochu worldwide


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I don't like Shochu

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I don't think most of the word will be enamoured with Shochu.

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I don’t like shochu.

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I like Shochu, but severe headache.

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I get that people don't like shochu, but shochu is a great neutral base for mixes. I'd call it a support liquor.

Get someone like Bill Murray to get a fad on shochu then we'll talk.

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Anyway that drinks shochu could do with expanding their horizons...

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We have to support Jetro bureaucrats, Dentsu no doubt involved, JTB for the travel if any... you know how it is

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Is there a difference between drinking shochu and drinking rubbing alcohol?

And yes, I’ve tried the “wonderful” stuff from Kumamoto etc.... meh...or worse.

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I like sake and the different tastes available. I prefer dry to sweet. Sake is also lower in alcohol content. Shochu has no taste for me other than the taste of alcohol. I also like Scotch for the taste but these days limit my drinking to special occasions and only a dram or two. For that I like the smokey earthy tasting ones.

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I an not a fan of Shochu, my take on the taste is "chestnut" is not as clean as Sake.

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I'm not really a fan of shochu, but all the best to them for trying to grow a market for it overseas. I'm sure there are quite a few people who would appreciate its flavours.

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"In other words, shochu has a big potential in the global market," the official said.

Price it cheap enough and it could be the new Buckfast or Thunderbird wine. Somehow I don't think they are going to win over any single malt or VSOP drinkers with it.

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I wonder whether this website has decent, natural English content...

Welcome to our “Discover Shochu" website!

Sigh. When will they realise that Japanese 括弧 shouldn't always be translated as "quotemarks"?

‘Shochu" A spirit from Japan.

So, please enjoy this “shochu world,”

Sigh. At least decide whether you want single or double quotemarks.

Honkaku shochu: sweet potatoes, barley, rice, brown sugar, etc.

Someone's forgetting about hankaku.

Whisk(e)y: barley, rye, corn, etc.

I love this. Someone's really worried about covering all bases with the whisky --er, or whiskey-- spelling.

From a global perspective, shochu is more valuable when it can be spoken of like whisky in terms of aging


And most of all, let's all appreciate the UNIQUENESS. Here's a quick roundup...

"Shochu" is a rare spirit that has evolved uniquely on the island of Japan.

The production method is unique, and the wide array of rare and special flavors reflect this.

The production process is unusual, and the flavors are unique.

A unique aroma found only in shochu

Brewing with koji gives shochu its aroma, flavor, and oiliness, as well as a unique depth of sweetness

How oil is left in during filtration determines the weight and character of the shochu A mentality distinct from other spirits around the world

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I like shochu. The good stuff, anyway.

It's a bit like whisky in that the good stuff is way, way, way better than the cheap stuff.

(Doesn't taste like whisky, of course) In either case, leave the cheap stuff on the shelf unless you're looking for a mixer.

The thing is, it's pretty potent stuff. I like it, but not on an empty stomach, it has to be with a meal to soak it up, and it goes well with Japanese cuisine, not Western. And even then it's not for gulping down unless you want to be prostrate tomorrow.

Sip it and savour it, and it's lovely.

I especially like the kokuto shochu of Amami Oshima, which is a genre all by itself, from the pretty basic Rento to the richer Takakura and Beni Sango.

I think it's an acquired taste, though. Good luck, Jetro.

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Man oh man, I cannot believe so many dont like shochu....WT....

Shochu is great like Cleo says, I am not talking about stuff sold in 4L pet bottles, I am talking about shochu not poison LOL!!

I love it on the rocks & with some sudachi(have a tree in the yard) or yuzu or any sour fruit. There are TONS of different flavours I am partial to mugi but also like imo & if I go to Okinawa I always grab a few bottles, I have one now that is aged 20yrs & it is truly awesome, rather rum like.....

Folks I urge a little patience, sip, you dont need much & a lot is only about 20% alcohol.

Also if I have a little too much I never have any hangover, where as you can get killer hangovers with sake...

Have to admit I am a bit surprised on this set of comments, oh well ......

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I don't think most of the word will be enamoured with Shochu.

I agree. The Japanese cuisine is rightly regarded as very good around the world. Japanese drinks aren’t anywhere near as well regarded. There is a reason for that.

The money you pay for a ‘decent’ bottle of Shochu can be much better spent on a decent bottle of wine, whisky, brandy, Tequila etc

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I guess it boils down to personal preference/choice/taste also occasion.

Shochu, has a stealth element. tip-toeing up behind you and taking your head off.

Best to be aware of how much one consumes.

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Shochu, has a stealth element. tip-toeing up behind you and taking your head off.

Perhaps best to drink mixed with hot water. That tends to give you early signals. I think it tastes better that way too.

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Thank you albaleo i will try.

On occasion Fridays/Saturdays the Bar Man mixes a Martini with Shiro Rice Shochu, also a whiskey sour cherry and lemon concoction, with sugar cane Shochu.

Not for the faint hearted.

Deployed in ways other conventional cocktails allow reasoning after a tipple..

My Japanese family and friends are Shochu aficionados.

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Hope you are adding a nice umeboshi to that oyuwari!!! I dont drink it often, but sometimes after coming in out of the cold its just perfect! And finishing off the umeboshi at the end......aaaaahhhh!

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