JETRO to help companies export made-in-Japan refined crafts online


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‘519 items by 121 producers to 17 e-commerce buyers’

Not exactly big numbers here. JETRO should be making a concerted effort to support ALL artisans from across Japan at a time like this when they’re at risk of folding and Japan losing some of it’s heritage forever if they do.

And why go through just a relatively small handful of e-commerce buyers?!

Much too little and possibly too late.

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This sounds like a good idea for an organization designed to help exporters. I hope they succeed and expand their definition of refined crafts. I also hope they allow all producers to present their wares rather than have a JETRO flunky / bureaucrat choose them.

However, who decides which

"sophisticated Japanese products made with traditional techniques and in rich cultural contexts fit the image of Japan luxury"?

Plus, what do you think Japan luxury means?

The main problem with a product that is 'rich in cultural contexts' is that no one wants something that isn't artsy or useful in their culture. That happi coat, for example, will look out of place at an anti-mask rally in Houston or a police-based riot in Portland. It will look good in a sushi shop, though.

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Isn't this JETRO's brief?

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Classic Showa B2B2B2C model.

Why do we employ these idiots?

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