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Job offers for 2022 university graduates improve as COVID-19 fears subside


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Fears about the Covid pandemic have subsided? That’s news to me

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I always get overwhelmed with sadness when I read about University students entering the workforce. This is a milestone in their life, yes, but they have been trained not to be an Individual.

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By size, job offers fell 6.0 percent at companies with 300 to 1,000 employees, and the offers were down 0.2 percent at companies with less than 300 workers.

The number of offers, however, rebounded at companies with more than 1,000 employees.

Again, using averages to spin data by Kyodo. Could also be read: Smaller companies with fewer connections to government were hit hard by the pandemic are shrinking while the well-placed big Japan Inc. corps are still growing slightly from generous government pandemic stimulus. So things are looking good folks!

In reality, new grads post pandemic , like those around the 2008 financial crash, are looking at a harsh economic climate.

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depends on the industry. i would not want to work at one of the airlines right now.

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Tough time for most but a farmer's son earns more than the Uni graduates. Forget the earnings, maybe not much but at least better relaxing life without pressure.

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Covid fears may be subsiding, but the virus isn’t.

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The virus is still here but companies are projecting forward. Hiring some cheap tech savvy graduates to help make the transition to post corona economy 2.0 is just the smart move.

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Job offers for 2022 university graduates improve as COVID-19 fears subside

This is Japan. and in the west?

BAs working at starbucks.

I know Phds working as baristas.

Welcome Japan in the race to the bottom.

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It simply is not true. Neither that covid fears are diminishing nor that more jobs are on offer. But i do think nearly all job seekers will find jobs because of more people retiring each year and less graduating and looking for jobs

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Fears about the Covid pandemic have subsided? 

B.1.617 strain is being shown to be resistant to vaccines. So...

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Instead of such optimistic propaganda I would recommend some more pragmatic realism.

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Feel good numbers brought to you by the spin doctors.

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What a misleading article!

Pure fiction.

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B.1.617 strain is being shown to be resistant to vaccines. So...


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Lifetime employment with inhumanely low wages and crappy working conditions


Temporary employment with slightly better wages and slavery working conditions

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