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Judge in Calif moves to deny dismissal of Toyota suits


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Toyota is very, very guilty and the scary thing is that I work with Japanese that try to tell me that it must only be an AMERICAN problem, that this proves that Americans do not know how to drive correctly so only Americans have problems with these stupid Toyota cars. What do my fellow Americans here have to say about these Toyota cars?

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Toyota will win. There is no proof Toyota has a flawed throttle control system. Believe me, American automakers buy Toyota and Honda cars to benchmark and reverse engineer. If there was a flaw in the electrical system, GM would be the first to report, document and exploit it. And powerful American lawyers would pounce on Toyota with the tenacity and ferocity that they had for the tobacco companies.

Bottom line- most of the sudden accelerations have been tracked through the data recorders to be driver error (hitting the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal) or outright fraud. The government hearings were political theater used to help bankrupt General Motors and Chrysler.

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American automakers buy Toyota and Honda cars to benchmark and reverse engineer.

It's standard practice for all car makers to buy vehicles of their competitors in order to study them. The "benchmark" claim is BS.

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The benchmark claim isn't bullshit. In benchmarking, what they do is buy several vehicles in the class they are designing a model for. One vehicle is best-in-class, one is worst-in-class. Those are the bookends. The rest are "competitive" and "amongst the leader" vehicles they are designing against (unless shooting for the moon - best-in-class). The auto maker measures performance behavior like ride & handling, interior room, acceleration, noise, etc. Then they design their vehicle to fit somewhere in this mix for each performance attribute. There is a trade-off between each performance feature, so they balance them in the design according to where they want to be versus the competition.

So, benchmarking is not bullshit, it is information that allows for strategic design.

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I would never every buy a Toyota! Not after hearing the horror in the voice of a father in San Diego who was calling 911 for help because his stupid Toyota Hybrid accelerator was stuck and this man and all of his family DIED because he could not slow his car down nor stop it until they rammed into the back of many cars ahead of them that were stuck in heavy traffic, so if you need more PROOF that Toyota is making lousy cars, sure have fun and when your brakes do not work RIP?? PS One of my best friends works for Toyota here in Japan and he told me that many, many engineers were FIRED after all of these scandals.

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