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July bonuses rise 2.1% in Japan


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Minimum wage for part-time workers has not gone up. And guess what? They get no bonuses! A lot of full time workers also get no bonuses. As said above, all smoke and mirrors. A load of BS.

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In any country "government data" gets cooked and polished to suit whatever is the agenda. Things may be picking up, but I would never be so bold as to conclude that based on "government data" as the Abe regime marshals all resources to raise consumption tax, devalue the yen, get back to massive pork-barrel pubic works projects doled out via bribes and bid-rigging, expand the army and equip it with trillions of dollars of equipment, armament, services and other lucrative military-industrial contracts all per the Halliburton/US-style. There's a huge amount of money to be made there by politicians and their friends. Don't think for a minute the proposed constitutional changes are actually motivated by strategic or philosophical concerns about "NIPPON". It's just all about the money.

Here's my conclusion based on 4 decades of reading about what the "government data" said: The pay-to-play corrupt model is business as usual for almost any country, at any time in history, and will never change.

The best thing you can do right now is get into supplying the government with things at exorbitant prices and with zero transparency or accountability. All you need to get started is some cash and brown paper bags.

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If only every month we could get a bonus.

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All positive writing, just creating fertile environment to hike consumption tax as per scheduled.

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Don't know anyone who received a higher bonus. So, whose getting the big bonuses? No need to answer this. We all know! And an increase in overtime pay? This is a good thing? Working longer hours is a good thing? 32 years and I still cant understand this country.

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Wage earners’ total cash earnings grew 0.4% in July after a 0.6% increase in June. But regular pay continued to fall, the data showed, suggesting that a sustained rise in wages is far from assured.

More smoke and mirrors headlines. Notice how it doesn't mention that the number of people who actually got bonuses has dropped!

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No rise for me either. Still, our "temporary" 8% pay cut should end next April, though I expect they will find some way to extend it.

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I got less this year, even I did my job and achieved my goals, they said your group didnt make it, so that was excuse and I didnt get any bonus. Seriously looking for job to leave as soon as possible. I am making 2000 US$ with Eng. PhD and 5 years experience, working almost 24*7!

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That's good news......

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marcelitoSep. 04, 2013 - 09:40AM JST

I,d be interested to know , if you take out the top 10 export oriented companies and the bureaucracy , how many firms actually incresed the bonuses.

Even more telling would be what about the 35% of Japanese workers who get no bonus?

Our December bonus has already been decided, only summer bonus is paid on company profits, and its the same pittance as last year, 10% of one months salary.

I know a lot of companies operate by the same principle as mine.

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Hide, I do know it, I am living it, and what I said is not an opinion. Get on the train at 11pm and you'll see zombie looking people going home from work. My friends (Japanese) get calls at 5am to go into work to fix a computer problem for their boss, get calls from clients on Sundays, cancel family plans for their company, just to name a few. I know because i was one of those zombies but due to health problems, work related, got out and now have my own business. Unless you are close to my age, I'd have to say I have more experience working in Japan than you. I've paid my dues, reach my 25 year minimum on pension payments and other contributions to Japan, which I believe is still a great country, and it breaks my heart to see my friends be taken advantage of just because they need to support their family. JT, my apologies if this sounds like bickering. Just defending the (real) harding working people of Japan.

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I know only one person who got a modest 4% bonus increase this year. But that was due to his exceptional efforts and followed five straight years of bonus reductions despite his consistent efforts. He was the lucky ONE of his group of ten to get any increase(famous camera maker).

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"Don't know anyone who received a higher bonus. So, whose getting the big bonuses?"

This is not your home country, where CEO makes $50 million while the assembly workers make minimum wages. Here in Japan, even the president of Toyota makes just over 200,000,000 yen.

"And an increase in overtime pay? This is a good thing? Working longer hours is a good thing? 32 years and I still cant understand this country."

You should read newspapers really. Most companies require employees to work overtime before they start hiring people. So yes, it's generally a good thing that many people are doing overtime. This is true for any country, any economy.

"32 years and I still cant understand this country"

You should know all of this at your age...

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There is a constant drip, drip, drip of positive economic news and it isnt just coming from this economy, however there is also a constant drip, drip, drip, of negative sentiment for the dooms dayers on here who no matter what the news and data still continue to try to make it all sound bad.

Some will still see this article and try to twist it into bad news.

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