Kansai Electric projects Y125 bil loss


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Can someone please enlighten me , the breakdown of this Y125 billion loss please ??

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From previous quarterly financial statements, you can see that KEPCO is making an operational loss, ie. the expenses of producing electricity are higher than are the profits. A year ago this time, KEPCO was still profitable (+Y20 bil). Anyway, KEPCO has Y500 bil worth of nuclear fuel in its reserves, and now is unable to use it.

This time a year ago, KEPCO had halved its nuclear production of energy (compared to the year before) and was producing 1.5 times as much power with fossil fuels. The current state is even more skewed towards the polluting type of power generation, which apparently is more expensive. Why, I don't exactly understand. Maybe it isn't subsidised or has taxes on it (pollution)? Or is there an increased demand (and an inelastic supply) for polluting the earth this year, as led by Germany's World War 3 (this time against the environment), which drives the prices up? It would indeed be nice if someone could clarify this point.

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" the breakdown of this Y125 billion loss please ?? "

Basically 100% to the closure of all functioning nuclear power plants, based on pandering to anti-nuclear fanatic activists. Say thanks the folks with with funky placard and simple slogans... but don´t expect them to pick up the bill.

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WilliB: who is picking up the bill of Fukushima disaster?

Who made the simple slogan "cheap, safe and clean"? Isn't that the really funky thing?

Fanatic means blind vs. reason. Who was blind with the nuclear safety?

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